We'll be featuring curricula from:

Apologia  |  Beautiful Feet Books  |  Christian Liberty Press  |  Classical Academic Press

Institute for Excellence in Writing  |  Life of Fred  |  Math U See  |  Memoria Press  |  Ray's Arithmetic  |  Saxon    

Strayer Upton Math  |  Simply Charlotte Mason Arithmetic  |  Sabbath Mood Homeschool 

Simply Charlotte Mason Shakespeare Guides  |  Truth Quest History


As well as dozens of homeschooling how-to resources, parenting books, topical manuals and SO much more!

Why rent your homeschool curricula?

There are so many reasons why

you should consider

RENTING your homeschool curricula!

1. It saves money! 

You'll be able to rent curricula from HCL at a significant discount from the retail price.  Teacher's manuals are typically the most expensive - but indispensable - component of any curricula.

2. Try before you buy!

If you rent curricula from HCL, we offer the option to either return the books at the end of your rental period OR purchase the book from us at a pre-set rate based on original rental condition, minus your rental fee! 

3. We offer a rental guarantee!  

You have 10 days from the beginning of your rental to return your curricula for an 80% refund or a 100% credit to your account!

4. This is the perfect option if you have limited storage space!

If you have limited space at home to store books from year to year - and you don't want to bother with selling your books every spring - then renting is ideal for you!

5. You have multiple children with varying needs.  

We all know that children are unique, so the curriculum that worked for one child may not be a good fit for the next in line.  This allows you to reasonably try several options without committing to a large purchase year after year.

Worried about renting because your kids are hard on books?

Don't forget - the majority of what we rent are Teacher's Manuals and Answer Keys

- both of which will be in YOUR possession, not your children's.