How can I join the Heritage Children's Library?

The short answer is: Check out our membership page! The long(er) answer is, as of Spring 2020, we are still weighing our ability to open to the public in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. If you join our newsletter, you will be the first to hear about our membership discounts. Please note that we can only take a limited number of families in our HCL Co-op, so if you're interested in joining, we recommend that you subscribe (trust us, it's worth it!) and then head over to the membership page to send in your request!

I'm interested in borrowing a Before Five In A Row/Five In A Row set - how does this work?

You have two options! Head over to our membership page and fill out the request for membership. On the second page, you can:

  1. Choose a BFIAR/FIAR set and just request the set (no membership required) - but expect to pay full price.
  2. Choose the Premium Yearly Membership and have the ability to borrow the BFIAR/FIAR at no extra charge AND get a year-long membership to HCL!

How are the prices determined for the curricula rentals?

There are several things that we consider when pricing the curricula rentals. We look at the edition/volume, the overall condition, and the availablity on the public market. Most of our rental items are priced between 35-60% of the retail value.

The curricula item that I want to rent is not available. Will you get another copy?

In short, it depends on the item. If there is a high demand, we will do our best to meet demand and obtain additional copies! On the listing for the item, you will have the option of joining the waiting list for that particular item, so you will be notified in the order of the waiting list when and if we are able to get a duplicate.