If you are looking for a different approach to Algebra with:


  • Logically organized introduction of concepts
  • Simple, clear explanations
  • Student-directed instruction
  • Non-intimidating text
  • Work space in the text (or to photocopy and work)
  • Thorough coverage of algebraic concepts without "extras" thrown in
  • A discovery approach to learning


Then these texts may be just what you're looking for. The author has made clear choices to keep the course simple, understandable, self-directed, and easy to succeed at. Even the font sends a "you can do it" message. It's large, bold, crisp and clear with plenty of white space on each page. There are no side notes or rabbit trails here; everything is direct, on task, and pertinent to mastering Algebra. The result of this is a less overwhelming feel to the text. This approach would work well both for the student who is an independent learner and the student who doesn't particularly enjoy math (the "let's just get it done" type). Some children don't really care for the (exciting to me!) explanations and nuances of mathematics. They just need to learn it to get to college or go on to what they're really interested in. They need it like a tool to use; not like a painting to be studied and enjoyed. These are the children that will appreciate what Christy Walters (author) has done in this curricula. Her no-nonsense, straightforward explanations and examples will help both types of student focus on understanding how Algebra works and overcoming any reservations they may have about their ability to conquer the subject.

Algebra 1: A Fresh Approach

  • soft cover