Essay Voyage explicates the elements of the correct, formal essay—the essay expected for exams, research papers, critical responses, and other formal analyses of academic subjects. With the use of extensive examples and thorough explanation, children see that formal writing involves the correct use of words, sentences, paragraphs, punctuation, and other elements such as organized structure and unity.

The book has a journeying theme that takes readers around the world. Each chapter is followed by exercises, challenging questions, examples of good essays, and a discussion of the correct use of words taken from Caesar’s English II.

Ideally, this text should be used in conjunction with Grammar Voyage, Caesar’s English II, and A World of Poetry.

We recommend that you purchase both the student book and the teacher manual to teach this book effectively.

Note: This is a first edition of this book and may not reflect current MLA Guidelines.  Published in 2007

Essay Voyage

  • soft cover