A Charlotte Mason and classical approach with short, easy-to-teach lessons for English usage, punctuation, composition, oral language skills, letter writing, and more. This volume contains a more focused study of the parts of speech and begins with an analysis of sentences, in keeping with Charlotte Mason's advice for age-appropriate grammar lessons. Includes narration, picture study (some printed in color), copywork, and dictation, as well as fables and poetry by famous authors. This non-consumable book (not a workbook) has enjoyable oral and written activities that may be used exactly as written or adapted to a child's specific needs and learning style. Spiral-bound, 8½ x 11 inches, with teacher instructions and answers included. Language Lessons for Today: Grade 6 was adapted by My Father's World from Intermediate Language Lessons by Emma Serl (1914), with significant revisions, updated language and examples, and additional new content. For 6th Grade. 


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Language Lessons for Today

  • Textbook only, 2nd Edition