Book 1 (recommended grades 3-4)


Contents include:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Numbers to 100
  • United States Money
  • Reading and Writing Numbers
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Short Division
  • Measuring Liquids
  • Telling Time
  • The Calendar
  • Measures
  • Solving Two Step Problems
  • Making Change
  • Finding Averages
  • Measures of Time
  • Long Division
  • Problem Solving
  • Three-Figure Divisors
  • Fractions
  • Measuring Length
  • Measuring Areas
  • Drawing to Scale


The Strayer Upton Series:

  • is written for children in language with which they are familiar.
  •  provides problems related to the life and interests of the students.
  •  explains why the topic being presented is important and how it is used in life.
  •  provides carefully planned instruction in problem solving.
  •  drills on all the fundamental number combinations.


Strayer Upton Practical Arithmetic is a three book series that covers from 3rd to 8th grade mathematics.


Each 500+ page, palm-sized (5"x7"x1.5") hardcover book includes two years of instruction.


All instruction, exercises, problems, and tests are provided sequentially as a student independently works their way through a book.


This economical series was designed to give a child the ability to compute easily and accurately. It focuses on teaching the student how to interpret and solve situations involving numbers in everyday life. With lots of practice on each gradually introduced concept, the student builds confidence as mastery leads to success. This curriculum is designed in such a way that the student is successful with the current concept before moving on. 

Written originally in the 1930's, it reflects the monetary values of the day. For instance, cupcakes cost 3 cents each, a dozen eggs is 34 cents, and a loaf of bread is 9 cents. There are also reviews of various technologies such as the telegraph and electric calculating machine and a variety of important industries from the 1930's. The historical perspective in no way takes away from the concepts and principles being taught.



Strayer Upton Arithmetic Book 1

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  • hardcover, like new, 500 pages, answer key included in the back